What Is This All About?

Throughout the history, throughout the planet our everyday reality is driving us to the point where we need to get together finally. The battle between masters and slaves for thousands of years, centuries of conflict of the owners and the owned ones and now we have to prepare to the decisive period. The period of capitalism.

Our age is again the age of slaves and masters and the permanent clashes between these two, but nowadays this fact is methodically swept under the rug, hidden behind the social scenery. The shapes on the screen are animated by manoeuvres in the class war where the proletariat and bourgeoisie dancing around the surrounding world.

It’s enough to have a deeper look on our present conditions, it’s enough to see how the course of history is working out for us, for the producers and citizens of this great world society, and it becomes clear that we have not much choice other than to gather our strength to stand up, and destroy the civilization as we know it for good. Our everyday reality’s misery is to stay alone, even though we are surrounded with huge sticky mass of other citizens, being a self-concious individual in a world where nothing else could be more perfect commodity but this. We passed whole ages under the domination of ancient rulers,warlords who become later the new aristocracy of our land, and these times made their monstrous contribution to our latest history: they made the whole planet a map of properties and exploitable nature and human masses. In our latest history the colonisation fulfilled its purpose and capitalised the remaining of the planet; but it never stopped working: the colonisation penetrated into communities, destroyed them by its capitalistic forces, and so it’s doing so right at this moment. The workers of the nineteenth century was struggling with the aristocratic capitalism, but what we are facing now is more advanced, it deployed the tactics of our own struggle against it. We are facing with the welfare society and it’s counterpart, the growing industrial economies of the so called third world.

We have understood our position in this world. We are the very ones who build it day by day, and we are the ones who are suffering its consequences through exploitation, through alienation, through our loneliness, through our controlled life and death. We are the ones who are going to fight wars in order to loose ourselves. There are those who making profit from us, sucking our own very blood, so we had to understand they are our enemies.

The war we fight everyday in ourselves is a the living reality of the counter-revolution therefore we organize ourselves in to a militant position, the position of class war. The historical current of subversive acts is forming the party that we share with all proletariat around the globe, in the present and in the past. At the current moment all acts of subversion, all acts of revolution is crime and as such all these acts must find there places between us. All those places where the proletarians can share their – their selves among each other, the hidden places of the social crime.

This place is one of them. A shelter for all those experiences that we can use to end of this madness once and for all.

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