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Neonazi terrorist group claim responsibility of the bombing on Monday night

The responsibility for the attack has been claimed via a communique by a neonazi group “Revolutionary National-Socialist Front”. In it the fascists unfold their racist discourse and promise more bombs in “places crowded by immigrants”, pledging its solidarity to Combat 18 prisoners in Britain. The police has expressed caution in accepting the communique as genuine. An earlier phone call to the press taking responsibility under the name “Guerrilla group Lambros Foundas” has been brushed away as a farce by the authorities.

It must be noted however that during the March 25 military march in Athens, special forces were recorded chanting en mass slogans about massacring Albanians and FYROM citizens. Naturally, there have not been the slightest disciplinary measures against the racist thugs. It must be noted that during the late 1970s extreme-right groups under the wing of the junta-nostalgic secret services had bombed several public places including two cinemas in full session with scores wounded. In a single day, during the funeral of the chief-torturer of the junta (executed by leftist guerrillas) the extreme-right bombed 40 sites across Athens. It must also be noted that a greek extreme-right parastate brigade participated in the Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia, with the greek flag flying along the serbian after the massacre. Of course, the names of the people in the brigade were paraded in the media as heroes against muslims and have never been persecuted.

The police has accepted that the device is not identical to the one used against the Chilean Consulate in Salonica last year, although the bourgeois media continue to capitalise on earlier police opinions on the matter. Meanwhile a series of panics regarding unidentified bags in coffee shops and the metro have taken place in Athens, a totally new phenomenon given that leftist and anarchist armed struggle never conducted blind attacks against the population and thus the fear of bombs-to-the-flesh is not part of the public imaginary since the end of extreme-right attacks in the late 1970s. Given that in the last three days two people have been shot dead during armed robberies the incident has created a tense climate in the capital.


source: libcom

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