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Bomb explosion killed a 15 years old boy in Athens

Monday, March 29, 2010

An update clarified that the bombing was carried out by a neo-nazi group: https://shelterofcrime.wordpress.com/2010/03/31/neonazi-terrorist-group-claim-responsibility-of-the-bombing-on-monday-night/

According to mainstream media reports, at around 2240 GMT+2 on Sunday night a bomb exploded outside the building housing the National School of Public Administration (EEDE) in the neighbourhood of Patisia, Athens. A 15-year old Afghani boy died from the explosion. The boy’s sister, 10, and their mother, 45, were lightly injured.

Contrary to the first reports and media statements that no warning call preceded the explosion, a second police statement now makes things a bit murky. According to this newest police statement, there was a phone call to a corporate TV station at 0846 GMT+2, warning that a bomb had been placed outside the “EVEE” building in Patisia, Athens that would explode in the next 6 minutes. As there was no organisation under that name in the area, the police considered the call to be a hoax.

The initials of the Public Management School where the bomb exploded read “EEDE” in Greek (ΕΕΔΕ) which, in a phone conversation, could be confused for “EVEE” (ΕΕΒΕ) which is what the police claim to have heard.

Exact location of the explosion on google maps.

source: occupied london

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